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We update our inventory stock regularly. If an item is unavailable, it will be reflected on the product page. We will send you an email letting you know a product is out of stock and confirm that you haven’t been charged if you place an order and we happen to be sold out of that item at that time.

You can check on the status of your order by clicking on the tracking link included in your Shipping Confirmation email.

Yes, we automatically send you an order confirmation email when your order is placed. In addition, we will send you a shipment confirmation email after your order has shipped. If you have not received your confirmation, please double check the email address you provided or you can reach out through the Vivvi&Bloom Contact Us page.

An order cannot be changed or cancelled once placed.

All orders in may be guest or customer orders. Customer orders may have one or more stored address profiles in their order and can be updated in their profile after login.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Vivvi & Bloom™ product, please contact us at 1-833-90-VIVVI so we can help assess your specific case. accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Credit Card (ex. Visa, American Express)
  • Klarna
  • PayPal

We periodically update the packaging of our products, so it's possible that you may receive a product that looks slightly different from what is depicted on the site. Product formulation changes cannot be substituted and feel free to reach out to us with any questions through the Vivvi&Bloom Contact Us page.

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UPS Ground is the only shipping method offered at this time. No expedited shipping methods offered at this time. We can only ship to UPS-serviced addresses (i.e., not PO Box addresses).

Not at this time. The delivery address must be in the fifty United States of America.

Yes, an email will be sent when the order ships. Click the link in the email or visit the order history page in your account to track your shipment.

Most orders are shipped within two business days and hopefully will get to your door in about a week!

You may set your shipping address during checkout but once your order is place, you are not able to change the shipping address due to backend processing.

Not at this time but hopefully soon so we can get products to your little ones as soon as possible.

Please see the contact us page to contact our customer service team by email or phone. Our team can help locate the shipment with the carrier or setup a replacement order at no cost. We may want to be more guarded on this answer to prevent abuse.

We’re sorry to hear that! Please see the contact us page to contact our customer service team by email or phone.

Yes! Search online to find your closest retailer if you prefer to shop in store.


  • Yes, adults can use this product.
  • Line-wide: Sets the foundation for healthy skin* * by hydrating the skin barrier when using a VIVVI & BLOOM™ cleanser and moisturizer
  • Wash & Shampoo: Leaves skinfeeling healthy and moisturized
  • Whip Lotion: 48-hour hydration
  • Oil: Ideal to moisturize, for massage and to remove dry flakes on the scalp
  • Wash & Shampoo: wet hair and skin, cleanse head-to-toe, then rinseo
  • Whip Lotion: gently massage into baby’s skino
  • Oil: massage onto damp skin after bathing

    To help remove scalp flakes:

        1) massage oil to soften

        2) wait a few minutes

        3) gently comb

        4) cleanse with wash/shampoo

  • $9.98 line-wide
  • No
  • Vivvi & Bloom Baby 2-in-1 Face & Body Whip Lotion, Vivvi & Bloom Baby 2-in-1 Wash & Shampoo Cleansing Gel, Vivvi & Bloom Baby 2-in-1 Scalp & Body Massage Oil all containa naturally derived* fragrance. *Naturally derived ingredients as per ISO 16128-1:2016
  • If so, is this fragrance suitable for sensitive skin? Yes, our fragrance has been designed and proven to be gentle and mild for baby's sensitive skin. We have tested our fragrance's potential for allergy, skin irritation, eye mildness (cleansers), andskin tolerability.
  • What ingredients make up your fragrance? Triethyl Citrate, Dihydro Myrcenol, Hedione, Nonalactone Gamma, Helvetolide, Peach Pure, Florosa, Octalactone Gamma.
  • What do your products smell like? Sweet, fruity, floral scent with notes of coconut, aloe, and shea butter.
  • Our bottles are 100% recyclable.
  • The plastic on the tubes are not.
  • Please reference h2r instructions on label.
  • No, formulas are not tested on animals and are vegan
  • No, our products does not contain dyes
  • No, our products do not contain sulfates
  • No, our products do not contain parabens
  • Yes, these products are vegan
  • Yes, these products are gluten-free
  • Yes, our wash & shampoo products are tear-free
  • No, but this line is made up of 96%+ natural origin formulas* *as per ISO 16128-1:2016 based on cumulative volume including water
  • Wash & Shampoo: 96% natural origin formula* *as per ISO 16128-1:2016 based on cumulative volume including water
  • Whip lotion: 96% natural origin formula* *as per ISO 16128-1:2016 based on cumulative volume including water
  • Oil: 99.8% natural origin formula* *as per ISO 16128-1:2016 based on cumulative volume
  • Whip lotion: no preservatives -contains caprylyl glycol, a skin conditioner that can help prevent microbial growth
  • Oil: no preservatives required to prevent microbial growth
  • Wash & Shampoo: contains one preservative, sodium benzoate, to prevent microbial growth
  • No, our products do not contain any FDA designated ingredients to address eczema on baby skin. However, our products are proven gentle & safe on sensitive skin.
  • Yes, VIVVI & BLOOM™ products are clinically proven gentle on sensitive skin and on all skin tones.
  • Yes, these products are hypoallergenic
  • No, these products do not have shelf-life expiry dates because they are considered cosmetics. However, we do have a 12-month period-after opening label which represents the amount of time a product remains suitable for use after opening.
  • Yes, our wash & shampoo and whip lotion are made with responsibly sourced shea butter.

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Don’t see your question? Contact Us.

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